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Toner Scatter Ink Build-up

8×10.75BlanketPatch.bmpA major hassle when using toner based laser plates is ‘toner scatter’, the random toner particles that appear accross the plates causing the messy picture framed ink pattern around the sheet on the blanket.

The best answer we have found is to use a Stick-N-Peel adhesive backed under-size blanket that is just big enough to accept the image from the plate, but ‘smaller than the sheet’.

With an under-size blanket, there is no blanket surface contacting the plate at the sides or tail edges of the sheet to pick up the inked toner scatter, and with a blanket that is narrower than the the sheet, there are no paper sizing to build up on the blanket and migrate into the dampener then inking system.

With Stick-N-Strip under-size blankets all paper fiber and slitter dust goes on thru the press with the paper, this benefit is especially helpful if you use a Kompac as it reduces paper sizing contamination in the Kompac by 90%!