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Cleaning Your Kompac On-The-Fly

TimeSaverSealSqueezeVacII.gifWhen cleaning, stopping and starting the press to remove ink and solvent from your Kompac’s nip wastes as much time as cleaning your inking system.

If you make frequent color changes, consider TimeSaver Seals.

TimeSaver Seals allows you to suck-out liquid waste solutions from the Kompac’s nip while press runs!

TimeSaver Seals have tube connectors at their tops connected to suction circuits within seals.

Side-Suction-holes in seals located at Kompac nip allows waste solutions to be sucked-out of Kompac through-the-seals, and, on-the-fly!

If you use an ink clean-up blade to clean your inking system, TimeSaver Seals allows you to clean both press and Kompac at same time without stopping press!

To learn more about cleaning your Kompac on the run, double click on Kompac Vac Category and click on Kompac II KwikVac link.