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Re-Surfacing Kompac Form Roll

The durometer (rubber hardness) and surface grind specifications of genuine Kompac form rolls are very tight and specific.

And for that reason, I do not recommend using after market form rolls from any other roller manufacturer than Kompac. Its just not worth the difference in price.

Having said that, if you are in a bind, an old Kompac form roller can be resurfaced ‘if’ your roller grinder can hold the 5 to 7 micron surface finish of the original surface grind.

This is possible as a result of the harder, 56 to 62 shore duromenter of original Kompac form rolls which do not be come appreciably harder with age as do softer form rolls.

The important factors to consider when considering whether or not to re-grind your old Kompac form roll is the wear on/at the form rolls’ end-surfaces and the grinder’s ability to maintain the all important 5 to 7 micron surface finish.

If in doubt, about roller ends or grinder’s ability to provide a proper surface finish, don’t waste your time, replace it with a new original Kompac form roll.