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Reduce Ink Skinning

DriedInk.jpgInks formulated to dry fast tend to skin-over in the can.

Here are a few suggestions that will serve to reduce ink waste/skinning.

* Do not add more ink to ink fountain than needed for the job.

* Use anti-skin product directly onto ink while it remains in the fountain. This will allow the press to be shut down without removing ink from the fountain reducing ink waste, labor, solvent, and rag use.

* Removing ink evenly from the top surface of ink can reduce the surface area of the ink exposed to oxidation.

* Buy inks that skin less in the can and add drier as needed for the job as needed to help control skinning and related ink waste.

* Contaminated ink that has been used in press fountain and is contaminated with paper fibers should be discarded and not re-used.

Use sheet of wax paper or shrink wrap on top of ink in can to seal ink surface from oxidation. Press down on sheet at center of can and slide fingers over ink surface then around can/ink edges to develope better seal.

* Coat inside edge of can lid with petroleum jelly to create a air seal. This also make can easier to open and seal.