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Kompac Form Roll Care

Kompac Form Roll Care

The Kompac’s form roller is unlike any other dampener form roll.

Its harder, 56 to 62 shore, and it’s surface has a finish with no divits deeper than 5 microns nor greater in diameter than 7.

The Kompac’s nip pressures are many times greater than on any other dampener and it is this unique, high-pressure-nip that creates the fine ‘wetting emulsion’ of ink & water that performs so well.

The Kompac’s form rollers precise durometer and surface finish are critical to obtaining its optimum performance.

Paper fibers from sheet edges, surface fillers and calcium residues build-up and concentrate within the Kompac to where chemical and physical contaminates can become strong enough to negatively affect both print quality and ink drying.

To assure continual production of a quality product, contaminated fountain solution should be removed and replentished with fresh solution periodically throughout the press run.

Paper fillers/sizing/fibers not only affects fountain solution PH and conductivity, it adheres to and fills the pores of the form roll, causing its surface to be come ‘sensitized’ with a ‘paper-glaze’ to where it does not carry ink properly.

This surface glaze cannot be removed with petroleum solvents alone, because petroleum solvents do not desolve paper bi-products such as clay, calcium, or paper fibers as does a strong detergent.

For this reason your daily cleaning routine should include the use of a good quality water misible roller wash like Varn V-120.

In addition to using a good quality water misible wash, a through cleaning with Varn Revitol bi-weekly or weekly is an excellent preventive maintenance/deglazing practice, followed up with a neturalizing final rinse/wash of a mixture of 15% vinegar and tap water.

And, if you are not using Kompac’s ‘felt’ Cleaning Seals to clean and deglaze your form roller ends, you are over looking a very important requirement.

The ‘ends’ of your form roll, if not wiped clean of dryed ink, allows ink solvents to ‘penetrate’ deep into the rubber of the form roll’s ends, causing the ends to swell.

Swollen form roll ends produce higher nip pressures at the interface of the form roll and teflon seals, causing seals to develope wear ‘dents’ at contact with roller nip producing uneven seal wear and leaking.

In addition to wearing seals, swollen form roll ends cause plate edges to run dry, causing dry toning at plate edges an on sheets and blanket.

Over 75% of all Kompac form roll replacements are due to ‘ink-solvent swollen-ends’ due to inadequate form roll end cleaning.

To clean your form roller’s ends and extend it’s use life some 300%, use Kompac’s Felt Cleaning Seals and use them at least weekly!…