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Electrostatic Laser Plates

EstatMaster.jpgHere is a great way to ‘both’ increase print quality and profits while reducing your laser plate costs!

Try using Electrostatic, yes, Electrostatic Paper Plates imaged with your HP5000 or Xante Laser Platemakers!

How about $0.35 to $0.55 for a 11.5″ x 18″ plate good for 10,000 impressions!

Or .18 to .40 cents for a 10 x 15 plate.

Wet processed plate material costs less and works best for printing fine detail but it must be sheeted from a roll.

No problem if you are willing to invest in an inexpensive roller-shear paper-cutter and sheet plates from a roll, or, you can buy the more expensive dry toned cut sheet material in packages of 200.

Laminate both sides of lead edge with 1.5″ wide 3-Mil polyester packing tape to strengthen attachment before punching, or clamp it without taping.

You might even spray the back with a light coating of adhesive for longer runs.

You will need to experiment with DPI and Image Enhancement adjustments to fine tune your Laser Printer, but electrostatic plate materials surface holds an image better and out prints polyester plates at a fraction of the cost!

And, with the electrostatic process, you have image removal and correction products such as fine and broad tip pens, erasers, and cotton wipes to ‘eliminate’ toner scatter.

You will need to buy electrostatic conversion solution to wipe/etch (convert it) it with and you will also need to add a couple ounces of electrostatic solution to you press fountain to make it work, but its worth it!

Electrostatic plates work better on todays laser printers than they did with the original electrostatic platemakers.