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Using Kompac II KwikVac System

The Kompac KwikVac System utilizes the suction developed by a strong hand-operated Suction Bulb with one-way valves.

Suction from KwikVac sucks up waste solutions directly from Kompac nip thru tubes in TimeSaver Seals, automatically transfering liquid waste into waste container at backside of press.

As you print, wetting solution used is automatically replaced as needed by dispenser valve located at the center of Kompac.

As fresh solution dispenses at Kompac center, fresh solution pushes contaminated solution away from center of Kompac where it concentrates at edges near seals.

Give Kompac KwikVac a squeeze or two when you notice discoloration or a lumpiness in wetting solution near seals and you automatically remove contamination, on-the-fly.

This simple step removes paper fiber, sizing and chemical contamination allowing you to print and hold consistent color at high production speeds.

Depending on sheet length, type, and quality, a squeeze or two at 5,000 to 10,000 impressions keeps fountain solution PH and clarity within ideal operating range.

Note: Stock cut with a dull knife leaves more edge-fibers exposed at edges, keep your cutter blade sharp.

You can also use a blanket that is narrower than sheet which eliminates 80% of paper fiber contamination in both Kompac and inking system.

Keep a close eye on the amount of solution sucked-up at ‘both sides’ of Kompac as you release squeeze bulb.

The amount of contaminated solution removed will indicate if one of seal suction hole is plugged with clumps of long paper fibers.

When plugging occurs, use your long neck suction syringe to suck out paper fiber from TimeSaver Seal holes at next press stop.

When cleaning Kompac, squeeze suction bulb and release squeeze-grip slowly to reduce air sucking.

A slow release of suction bulb allows time for solution to flow from center of Kompac towards suction orfices without sucking air.

When you are satisfied that Kompac is clean and free of ink and solvent, re-insert fountain bottle to allow clean wetting solution to enter Kompac nip.

When Kompac Nip is full, squeeze and release Kwikvac slowly twice to purge residual ink and solvent from TimeSavers Seals and suction lines and you are ready to re-ink and print.