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Weak Impression Springs

Weak Impression Springs

Presses with ridgid impression control can vary gap volume and apply the necessary impression pressure to print fine detail on heavily textured stocks, but AB Dick, Ryobi, and Itek direct feed models lack this control due to the use of impression springs.

If you have Ryobi or Itek presses and find that you must over-ink the plate to print dense solids on textured surfaced stocks, you have two aftermarket options for resolving this issue.

The Jack Popkin Company ( offers a unique and effective solution to Ryobi’s weak impression springs called the ‘PPIC’ or Popkin Positive Impression Control.

Jack’s Press Engineers designed this precision bolt-up replacement system that offers a solid but infinately variable impression pressure control with the turn of the factory Dial Knob.

With Jack Popkin’s device, you will get the same solid impression pressure control found on larger presses at the turn of a numbered dial knob.

The second option to Ryobi’s soft factory impression springs is to replace them with a set of much stronger (200% stronger) impression springs available from PressSavers (us) which are listed under Kompac Ryobi Upgrades.

PressSaver’s Maxima Impression Springs have been sold for over 20 years and are the most cost effective remedy available for resolving the issue of weak impression pressure.

If you use early model AB Dick 360s or 375s presses you can replace their weak impression springs with the stronger springs used on the later model 9800 series presses.