10.75X16.75×4-Ply+ Spot Blanket

10.75X16.75×4-Ply+ Spot Blanket

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4-Ply+ (.078″) 10 & 3/4″ X 16 & 3/4″ adhesive-back Spot Blanket for use on Ryobi 2-color 3302M, 3302H, and 3985 presses inplace of full-size 4-Ply blankets when printing on 11 x 17 sheets.

Smooth compressable ink grabbing printing surface reduces image wear on pressure sensitive plates.

Benefits of use include;

* Total elimination of blanket ink build-up beyond sheet area from toner scatter or tinting.

Eliminates ink build-up on blanket when using short plates, plates not tied down by tail clamp.

* 90% reduction of paper contamination from paper side edges in dampener and inking system allowing you print long runs without density varation from paper lint contamination.

If you use laser plates, this blanket will help improve print quality and reduce pressman stress.