10.75×19&3/8 Slim Blanket

10.75×19&3/8 Slim Blanket

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Premium quality 3-ply (.065″) compressable blanket fits AB Dick 9810, 9830, 9840, 9870 and other similar size presses, sized for printing on 11″ wide stock.

Slim blankets are narrow so as to eliminate any extraious ink build-up and paper fiber contamination on blanket from sheet side edges.

If you are fighting an ink-build-up around the sheets with laser plates, use Slim Blankets eliminate all ink build-up from toner-splatter beyond sides of copy.

The use of Slim Blankets also significantly reduces calcium contamination in dampner, fountain tray/Kompac, and inking system by 70% due to the fact that dust/fibers/sizing that are loose on sheet edges stays with the sheets and cannot not contaminate press inking system or dampener!

When printing on NCR/Carbon-less papers, Slim Blankets eliminate sizing, slitter dust, and edge chemical build-up from paper sides on blanket.

Benefits of using Slim Blankets are;

* Reduced ink mess.

* The reduction by 70% of all paper fibers from touching blanket.

* Less blanket/inker contamination resulting in less time, material waste, and increased productivity, and lower blanket cost.

Try one, you’ll like them!