11.25″ X 19.50″ Ryobi Blanket Packer

11.25″ X 19.50″ Ryobi Blanket Packer

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.036″ thick Full-Size Under Blanket Packer fits Ryobi 2800CDXL offset presses for use with .065″ 3-ply Blankets.

Packer use requires reducing plate to blanket pressure 30% for optimum image transfer and extended plate life.

Use stick-on 3-ply ‘undersized’ Spot Blankets to eliminate extranious ink build-up on blanket caused by Laser Plate toner scatter.

Try one, you will be amazed at improved ink release (enhances gloss on coated stocks) and how well the Ryobi/Itek press prints with reduced plate to blanket pressure. NOTE:

To use packer under with ‘full length’ 3-ply blankets, use your paper cutter to cut off excess packer to where tail end matches trailing edge of blanket cylinder. This will allow blanket to tighten independent of packer.

Attach to blanket bars and use full size with stick-on spot blankets.

When using full length blankets, position packer’s clearance holes under upper blanket clamps located between blanket holder and lower clamp plate.

“Not between blanket clamping plates with blanket!”