2.0×4.0 Spot Blanket

2.0×4.0 Spot Blanket

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3-Ply (.065″) 2″ x 4″ re-usable adhesive-back Spot Blanket for use when printing return address on envelopes.

Blanket comes with vinyl handling tab provided as a tool to help reduce finger prints/solvent/ink contamination on adhesive side of blanket.

If you print envelopes with laser plates, the use of this small Spot Blanket ‘eliminates’ any chance of ink build-up around envelopes so there is never a tone line on envelope edge from a miss-register.

This blanket eliminates wrinkling of envelopes do to 90% less surface contact with blanket.

* Note, you can also purchase larger size Spot Blankets and cut them down with your paper cutter to your own custom sizes for various size envelopes or other jobs when excess moisure, pressure is an issue. >p> Try one and You’ll never go back to using a full size blanket to print envelopes again!