3302 & 3985 Service Manuals

3302 & 3985 Service Manuals

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Now Available on CD;

Three Informative Technical Manauals that guide you through the Care, Repair, and Preventive Maintenance of the popular Ryobi 3302, Itek 3985, and AB Dick 9985 Two-Color Presses.

Service Adjustment Manual has 158 pages with both line and halftone illustrations that show you how to check and make all adjustments and trouble shoot operational problems.

Repair Parts Manual has 268 pagesnof exploded views of all parts and assemblies that shows the interrelationship of parts that you cannot see without dissasembly.

Complete Electrical Service Manual has 150 pages of drawings, schematics as well as troubleshooting tips.

All three manuals on an easy to use CD in PDF format.

This is the same set of Technical Reference Manuals that Factory Trained Service Reps use to fix your press, and you can now have them for your own in-house reference.

You will save your company hundreds of dollars the first time you use any one of them to solve your own press problems, while becoming more aware of how your press operates in the process.

Trouble shoot registration and feed problems with the same adjustment reference that your service rep uses.

The Electrical Service Manual will save you money since most electrical problems with this press are associated with mechanical issues such as cylinder/sensor timing, sensor cleaning/maintenance, or just being able to understand and troubleshoot readout error signals.

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