8.38X10.75 Spot Blanket

8.38X10.75 Spot Blanket

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3-Ply (.065″) 8.38″ x 10 & 3/4″ high quality compressable, adhesive-backed, re-mountable Spot Blanket for use when printing letter (8.5 x 11) size sheets.

“A Picture is worth a Thousand Words”.

Click on the attached photo to enlarge subject details, then study size relationship between Laser Plate, Spot Blanket, and sheet.

Benefits of Spot Blanket use include;

* Complete, 100% elimination of ink build-up on blanket at sides and bottom of copy.

* No more ink on tail edges of sheets when printing long runs.

* 90% reduction in paper particle/chemical contamination in dampener and inking system.

* 50% savings on blanket cost.

* Ability to run all day with same ink without fiber contamination in ink/dampener!