8 Gal Refrigerated LC 4/Color

8 Gal Refrigerated LC 4/Color

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Product #97334 Refrigerated 8 gallon Recirculator features continuous circulation and filtration while assuring a constant supply of fresh, chilled fountain solution to the dampening system resulting in less contamination and higher print quality.

Stainless Steel construction with two high performance, corrosion resistant pumps for long life and years of maintenance free operation.

This low profile and affordable refrigerated circulator is the perfect fit for your four-color presses.

Electrical Specifications:

115 volts, Single phase, 60 Hz, 3 amps

Optional Execution; 230 volts, Single phase, 50 Hz, 2 amps.

Note: If connecting to Kompac Dampening System, you will also need to order the Kompac Remote Recirculator Module for each Kompac for your model press.