96241 HMD6112-KM

96241 HMD6112-KM

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The Kompac model HMD6112-KM with KolorMate Oscillator Roll fits the Main Head of Hamada model 661ECD, 661EXL, 662ECD, and 662EXL Presses.

By installing Kompac II to these fine presses you will be enhancing their print capabilites to print like anew press. With Kompac dampening you reduce makereadies by 50+%, and can then use the softest of ink tacks for printing a higher level of quality not possible before.

With Kompac dampening on ‘both’ inking systems, these presses can print process color on a common blanket, just like the little Heidelberg 46-2.

With the ability to print with thinner ink films, you do not over ink the blanket as before. With just the right ink film there is no excess ink on the blanket to cross contaminate the other inking system, the sheets take is all away with every impression.

With Kompac II dampening you have the driest plate possible, providing the closest thing to Dry Offset available today.

If you print for profit, make more profit with Kompacs!