AB Dick Feed Table

AB Dick Feed Table

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The soft sheet-metal feed table on AB Dick’s direct feed presses is prone to ‘self-damage’ if allowed to jam into Micro Lateral Guide.

When this happens, the ‘forward edge’ of feed table is bent down at its’ center, reducing support to the forward ends of paper support rails.

A bent feed table does not suffeciently support the pile load, allowing the downward force of ‘paper-height-regulators’ to force/pull the front-edge of pile down too low.

This unstable condition causes the feed table raise to become inconsistent.

This condition does not present to much of an problem with a full lift, but when the pile is low (light), the false table raise signal from an unstable feed table causes table to raise too high, causing press to feed doubles and paper jams when feeding at the bottom of pile.

There are two solutions to this problem;

1: Shim-up/support front ends of paper rails with a folded thickness of taped chip-board spacer. See Photo attached.

2: Remove feed table and have metalsmith straighten lead-edge and weld 1/8″ thick angle iron support to inside edge of feed table.

In any event, fix it! Its’ costing you down time and money.