AB5060-AB Dick 360

AB5060-AB Dick 360

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This Kompac II Two-Roller Model fits the following press models that have Plastic Safety Covers; 350, 350CD, 360, 360CD, 360QP, 360QPC, 360PRO, 8805, 8810,

The Kompac II turns the AB Dick 360/350 duplicator into a printing press capable of using the same soft ink tack used by a 40″ four-color press, and takes the stress out of holding color.

By separating the water from the inking system, 90% less moisture is transfered to the sheet, ink drys faster, and solids on coated papers shine with a gloss like printed on a larger press.

If you happen to have a T-51 second color press, add a Kompac to it too as the Kompac gives your T-51 the ability of running the thinnest ink film possible, a real important factor if you want to over-print or print process color on a common blanket press.

If you don’t know how/why the popular little Heidleburg QuickMaster 46-2 two-color common blanket press gets its’ unique ability to print process on a common blanket, its’ by license from Kompac that allows them to offer a ‘Kompac like’ dampener, but without seals.

If you would like to truly upgrade the print quality of your AB Dick press, upgrade it with a Kompac!.