AB9800-KM AB Dick 9800 series (wire covers) w/Kolormate

AB9800-KM AB Dick 9800 series (wire covers) w/Kolormate

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This Kompac II models fits the following press models with Metal Safety Covers; 9805, 9810, 9810XC, 9810XCS, 9815, 9820, 9835, 9840, 9850, 9860, and 9870.

Add a Kompac II with Kolormate to your AB Dick press and it will print more like a much big press!

Kompac benefits include;

Instant start-up, and up to color within 5 sheets or less!

20% increase in ink coverage capability, less ghosting!

Fast ink drying, jobs go to bindry same day!

Kompac takes the water out of the inking system allowing the ink to mill and flow throughout the inking system uniformly.

Kompac gives you the ability to print with softer, low tack ink formulas that enhances print quality like no other dampener available today!

With Kompac you can (if necessary) reduce your ink tack to where you can ‘pour’ it into your ink fountain!

No other dampener can operate with as soft an ink as Kompac!

If you print for profit, you’ll make much more with Kompac!