AB9899-ST AB Dick 9800 T-51 S-1 Color Head

AB9899-ST AB Dick 9800 T-51 S-1 Color Head

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The AB9899-KM Kompac II dampener is manufactured for the T-51 S-1 Second Color Press
that fits AB Dick 9800, 9900 presses.

With Kompac dampening, and the use of low-tack ink, the S-1 is much easier to turn over with the hand wheel.

With Kompac and a softer ink formula your S1 T-51 lays down a smooth, glossy solid on coated papers without over inking the blanket!

Kompac benefits include;

*50% less makeready waste, up to color within 5 sheets or less!

*Hold true color at tops speeds without dinking with water setting. Just set your ink feed and go!

* 20% greater ink coverage without over-inking the plate!

* Ink drys in half the time due to use use of less fountain concentrate and thinner ink films. Jobs go to the bindry the same day!

* If you print for profit, you’ll make much more with Kompac!