AB9900-KM AB Dick 9900 series w/Kolormate

AB9900-KM AB Dick 9900 series w/Kolormate

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This Kompac II with Kolormate Oscillator fits AB Dick models 9910, 9910XCS, 9910XC2, 9970 presses.

These AB Dick presses can be upgraded to print more like the Heidelberg QuickMaster 46 with Kompac Dampening!

A little know fact is that the QuickMaster uses a dampener form and metering roll with the same hard (56 to 60) durometer and smooth roller surface finish as the Kompac!…That is the primary reason its’ capable of running the softer tack inks that lay down glossy solids on coated papers. And, its also the secret to printing process color on a common blanket press.

…Softer and thinner inks allows the two inking systems to lay down just the necessary ink film required to print the image, without ‘over-inking’ the blanket.

An over-inked blanket is the primary cause of cross-color ink contamination in common blanket printing.

With Kompac on both press and T-51, the ink film deposited on the blanket is just the right amount required to print the image, and the sheets remove the ink with each impression leaving no excess.

Kompac dampeners take the stress out of print real color.

If you print for profit, you’ll make more from your AB Dick press with Kompac!