Adhesive Spray Booth

Adhesive Spray Booth

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Applying spray adhesive onto backs of Polyester plates is an effective way to reduce plate stretch but is also messy.

I have seen some pretty sticky/messy presses where operators coat plate back-edges by lifting plate tail-ends and spraying adhesive on the press.

An innovative Pressman from Sacramento, California uses a small ‘Spray Booth’ constructed from a cardboard box that is both clean and effective.

He took a cardboard box several inches longer and wider than plates and fixed/taped it on a base that presented the boxs’ opening from a table top at a 45 degree angle.

To use, he placed the plates face down on angled inside surface to sprayed it.

This improvised spray booth helped contained ‘overspray’ and concentrated more of the adhesive on the plate rather than shop.

A cost effective adhesive spray for this use is Elmer’s Spray Adhesive which is available at most Ace Hardware stores for about $5.00 a can.