BigFoot Suckers Tubes-Multi 1250 Old Style (w/brackets)

BigFoot Suckers Tubes-Multi 1250 Old Style (w/brackets)

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#1000 BigFoot Telescoping Sucker Tubes ( 2 pieces with mounting brackets) are direct bolt-up replacements for factory sucker tubes of the Older Style Multi 1250 press.

BigFoot Sucker Tubes are vacuum powered sucker tubes that automatically extend down towards the top sheet when press vacuum is applied. Then, upon contact with the top sheet they automatically, and instantly retract back to the standard tube length to forward sheets into press feed rolls.

The beauty of these extending/retracting sucker tubes is that the automatically compensate for variation in pile height, stock level, and stock thickness.

With a set of BigFoot Sucker Tubes the feed table can be operated at a lower height setting than normal, allowing the front air blowers to work and separate the top sheets from the pile before feeding. With BigFoot, envelopes, bond, coated and cards all feed at a common height setting, all you need change is the air and vacuum.

With BigFoot you can say good by to miss feeds, paper jams, and double feeds, and production speeds can increase some 10 to 15%.

Note; It is ‘VERY’ Important that the press vacuum break/release valve be adjusted properly!

The vacuum break/release valve ‘must’ open to release vacuum on the sheet at the exact point where the sheet leadedge enters the forwarding rollers.

If the vacuum does not release, the extended suckers can contact the infeed rolls.

When feeding envelopes or narrow stock where bigfoot sucker do not contact sheets. Always use a ‘small’ piece of adhesive tape to seal sucker cup to prevent vacuum leaks and to prevent an ‘unused’ sucker from extending into forwarding rollers.!!