Cleaning & Refreshing Kompac On-The-Fly

Cleaning & Refreshing Kompac On-The-Fly

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The liquid holding capacity of the Kompac causes wetting solution to contaminate faster than dampeners with greater fountain capacity.

On long runs, fountain contamination caused by paper surface sizing, spray powder, and chemical neutrizers collect and concentrate in Kompac wetting solution.

Some papers which are ‘too neutral’ ( high alkaline) can raise fountain PH from desired 4.5-5.5 to 6.5-7.0 within 1,000 sheets causing dry-tone.

If solution contamination is not removed, image fidelity and ink density can go down hill fast with each succeeding impression.

The solution has been to stop, suck-out the contaminated solution that collects near seals, allow dispenser bottle to replentish fountain, re-wet plate, re-start press and print.

When making a color wash, the routine process of stopping, sucking out ink-solvent waste, disposing of waste, re-applying ink solvent, restarting press wastes valuable press time.

Daily non-productive time required to refresh and clean your Kompac represents many lost hours every month.

*Using TimeSaver Seals in your Kompac II is the solution to this delima!

PressSaver’s Kompac TimeSaver Seals have suction holes cut inline with Kompac nip connected to a Squeeze Bulb connected to remoted waste container.

When fountain solution becomes contaminated, just one quick squeeze sucks-out fountain contamination near seals and dispenser bottle automatically replentish solution.

Waste solution passes thru Squeeze Bulb and goes directly into one-gallon waste collection jug behind press, and the press never stops!

When cleaning your ink system, waste ink/solvent automatically sucks-out just as contaminated fountain solution, with just a few quick squeezes of the Kompac SqueezeVac.

When using an ink clean-up blade, TimeSaver Seals allows you to clean press and Kompac at same time without stopping press.

Note: Seal latching springs must be ‘slightly’ re-formed 1/8″ offering clearance for Seal’s hose connector.

See/enlarge attached photo to observe spring shape and required hose clearance.

‘Kompac TimeSaver Seals’ is the trade name of PressSavers, Inc’s Patent Pending TimeSaver Seals.

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