Drain Funnel W/Long Neck Syringe

Drain Funnel W/Long Neck Syringe

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Combination package of the ‘Long Neck Syringe’ and ‘Kompac Drain Funnel’ provides an effecient liquid removal system that saves time and reduces ink mess when cleaning your Kompac.

Kompac Drain Funnel is a flat sided, ‘splash proof’ polyethelene funnel that attaches by magnetic mount to steel side-panel or frame of your press within easy reach of Kompac.

If you are using a ‘blunt tipped’ Blue Rubber Syringe, you’ll love the fine tipped Long Neck Squeeze Bulb as it reaches deep into the Kompac’s nip for better waste removal.

In addition, funnel also serves as a syringe holder keeping your suction syringe within easy reach.

Funnel drain spout connects directly to remote waste collection container located on pressroom floor at back-side of press.

This Funnel/Syringe package saves time with single color presses, and even more with 2 & 4 color presses, giving you additional press time for producing more saleable product.

Why waste time ‘holding’ a liquid waste container when you can simply squirt all waste solutions directly into a remote waste container.

*Note: And, don’t just throw a way your empty 5-gallon roller wash cans or plastic chemical jugs, re-use them as your liquid waste containers and then discard them with your liquid waste!