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The Kompac II model HMD248R with Kolormate oscillator is a ‘Two-Unit-Kit that fits Hamada models C248EX-SF, C248CX-SF, C248E, C248EX, C248CX, H248E-SF, C248EX-SF, and H248CX-SF Presses with Recirculators.

Kompac II continuous dampening shortens the makeready and upgrades the print quality of these fine Presses to where they will then print better than the very lastest model.

With Kompac Dampening these fine presses print and hold color at high speeds just like a much larger high speed commercial press, permitting the use of softer ink formulas for faster job turn-a-round.

Thinner ink films provides the ink film control necessary to lay down just the right amount of ink for holding ink density without over inking, further enhancing the inking system permitting the printing of larger and glossier solids on coated papers.

Why buy a new press when you can upgrade the one you own with Kompac dampening.