Kompac Black

Kompac Black

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Kompac Black is a dense Black ink designed to operate with the Kompac using just tap water.

With Kompac Black, the wetting properties are formulated within the ink.

The benefits of only using just tap water enclude;

*Operates at neutral PH, reducing calcium release from paper and chemical build-up on blanket, in dampener, and on plate 80%.

*Operating without fountain concentrate eliminates ink emulsification, and allows ink to reproduce sharper, crisper images within fewer plate-to-blanket roll-ups at make-ready.

*Operating without wetting agents that retard ink drying, Kompac Black ink sets in half the time reducing turn-a-round times and finishing.

Just wet-out plate with plate etch at start up and use just tap water in your Kompac.

Note; Presses with old or hard ink rolls may need to use some fountain concentrate to operate properly, but only 25 to 50% of historic amount.

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