Kompac Drain Funnel

Kompac Drain Funnel

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If you still use a blue squeeze bulb to drain your Kompac, this Drain Funnel will save you time at every color-wash and take away some of the ink mess.

It also serves as a handy syringe holder, keeping your suction bulb close within easy reach for use.

Kompac Drain Funnel is a flat sided, ‘splash proof’ polyethelene funnel that attaches onto the steel side-panel of your press via strong Neodyium magnet.

Funnel drain spout connects directly to remote waste collection container located out-of-the-way on the pressroom floor in back of press.

This Drain Funnel reduces non-productive time freeing up your press for producing more saleable product.

Why waste time ‘holding’ a waste collection container when you can just squirt your waste solutions directly into a remote waste container.

Install a Kompac Drain Funnel today.

*Note: And, don’t throw a way your empty 5-gallon roller wash cans or plastic chemical jugs, you can re-use them as liquid waste containers and then discard them with your liquid wastes.