Kompac II KwikVac

Kompac II KwikVac

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Reduce Kompac Ink CLean-Up Time by 75% and double your Kompac seals use-life!

Kompac II KwikVac is the fast, clean and easy way to empty your Kompac’s liquid waste, without stopping the press!

TimeSaver Seals and Kompac KwikVac allows pressmen to quickly remove all abrasive clays, paper fiber and chemical contamination from your Kompac allowing fountain to refresh without stopping press.

Kompac KwikVac also removes ink and solvent waste when washing, without stopping press!

With Kompac KwikVac you Suck-Out-Waste and Forget it. All waste solution empty directly into waste container on press room floor!

Note: Please specify press/Kompac model with order so we can supply the necessary tubing to allow you to cutom fit KwikVac to your press.