Kompac II Purge Kit

Kompac II Purge Kit

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The Kompac II Purge Kit consists of all the necessary tubing, ties, clamps and fittings required to connect TimeSaver Seals to a remote suction station located outside of safety covers.

Flexable 1/8″ tubing attach to TimeSaver Seals at each end of Kompac.

1/8″ tubes connect to 3/16″ tube that extends out beyond safety covers to a magnetically mounted suction station.

If you use the air operated Kompac Vac, Blue Suction Bulb, or Red Long Neck Squeeze Bulb, you can now remove liquid waste fountain solution and ink and solvent from your Kompac II without stopping press.

Purge Kit is shipped with extra hose length to allow you to custom cut to length a suction purge system to fit any small press.

Please specify your press model when ordering.