Kompac II TimeSaver Seals

Kompac II TimeSaver Seals

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One Set R.H. & L.H. Kompac II ‘ TimeSaver Seals’ for use with ‘New Style’ Kompacs ‘without’ top cover. Old style Kompac safety covers interfer with TimeSaver waste suction tubes.

With TimeSaver Seals it is no longer necessary to stop your press to remove contaminated fountain solution or roller wash and ink waste from the Kompac, and removing paper residues and running with fresh solution doubles seal use-life!

TimeSaver Seals are genuine Kompac II Teflon Seals modified with nylon tubing nipples for connecting to Kompac KwikVac System.

When fountain solution becomes contaminated by chemicals, clays and paper bi-products, waste fountain is quickly sucked-out of Kompac nip allowing dispenser bottle to refresh fountain solution, without stopping press!

If you use an ink Clean-Up Blade you can clean Kompac and Ink System without stopping press cutting clean-up time by 80%.

NOTE: Seal ‘hold-down’ spring latches must be formed for clearance around seal suction tubes.

(To learn more about Kompac II KwikVac System, go to ‘KompacVac category’ and follow Kompac II KwikVac link.)

TIP; For even longer seal use life, wipe a light film of petroleum jelly on seals after each cleaning.

Note: “Kompac TimeSaver Seals” is a Trade Name of PressSavers, Inc’s Patent Pending
TimeSaver Seals.