Kompac III KwikVac

Kompac III KwikVac

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Cut Clean-Up Time by 75%!

Kompac III KwikVac is the fast, clean and easy way to empty your Kompac III’s liquid waste without stopping your press!

KwikVac System offers flexible suction lines at both sides of Kompac to connect to purge nipples of TimeSaver Seals.

Suction lines from TimeSaver Seals connect to intake of hand operated squeeze bulb which has one-way pump valves.

A few quick Squeezes of suction Bulb removes liquid waste at both sides of Kompac eliminating waste directly into waste holding container on floor behind press.

With KwikVac you can quickly remove paper fiber and chemical contamination and refresh Kompac fountain solution ‘before’ ink becomes infested with paper fibers, and you do it without stopping the press.

Kompac KwikVac eliminates ink and solvent waste from Kompac so you clean your press and Kompac without stopping press!

With Kompac KwikVac you just Suck-Out-Waste and forget it!

Note: Please specify Press/Kompac Model with order so we can provide the necessary tubing to allow you to custom fit the KwikVac to your press.