Kompac III TimeSaver Seals

Kompac III TimeSaver Seals

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One Set R.H. & L.H. Kompac III TimeSaver Seals.

Increase production, reduce clean-up time, increase seal use-life with TimeSaver Seals.

TimeSaver seals are original Kompac Seals which have tube connectors at top center of each seal with side suction holes above roller nip.

Waste suction holes at Kompac nip within seals connect to remote suction device for On-The-Run waste solution removal.

When fountain solution becomes contaminated with paper fiber, abrasive clays, and paper chemicals, spent/waste solution is conveniently sucked-out of Kompac by suction by a simple squeeze of a KwikVac without stopping press!

With TimeSaver Seals, you can clean and refresh your Kompac ‘On-The-Run’ without stopping Press!

TimeSaver Seals connect directly to the Kompac KwikVac liquid suction device that transfers al Kompac waste solutions directly into remote waste container.

To learn more of Kompac KwikVac, go to ‘Kompac Vac’ category and click on Kompac KwikVac.

TIP; For even longer seal use-life, wipe a light film of petroleum jelly on seals after each cleaning.

Note: “TimeSaver Seals” is a Trade Name of PressSavers, Inc’s Patent Pending
TimeSaver Seals.