Kompac III TimeSaver Seals

Kompac III TimeSaver Seals

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R.H. & L.H. Set of Kompac III TimeSaver Seals.

” You make money ‘only’ when paper is going through your press,… so why stop it ?”.

“If you value your Press Time, you should be using TimeSaver Seals”.

With timeSaver Seals, ink/solvent waste and paper contaminated fountain solution is removed/purged On-The-Fly!

*These are Original Kompac Seals with nylon tube connectors with side suction holes at Kompac nip.

Waste suction holes connect to either Kompac Vac or PressSaver’s Kompac KwikVac for On-The-Run waste solution removal.

TimeSaver Seals allows the cleaning and refreshing of your Kompacs ‘On-The-Run’ without stopping Press!

TimeSaver Seals connect by 1/8″ tubing to Kompac KwikVac.

*To learn more, click on ‘Kompac Vac’ Link.

“TimeSaver Seals” is the Trade Name of PressSavers, Inc’s Patent Pending
TimeSaver Seals.