Kompac Kwik Koat 52/wB

Kompac Kwik Koat 52/wB

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Kompac Kwik Koat for Heidelberg GTO-52 is an easy and affordable way for existing Kompac III users to offer customers added value and higher quality while increasing profits.

Kompac Kwik Koat applies aqueous coating directly to the plate in an even and precise film without the use of the ink train. Aquaeous coating provides a protective finish to any printed material.

Printed pieces will look glossier and have a more satiny finish than standard press varnish.

As an added benefit, aqueous coating ‘seals’ the ink within the sheet, so that it is virtually dry when it comes off the press.

Installation is effortless and quick for current Kompac Users, and system cleans up with a solution of 5% ammonia or 15% isopropal alcohol and tap water!

Kompac Kwik Koat can also be fitted to Conventional, DDS, or Alcolor Systems once converted to the Kompac III.

Features, Advantages and Benefits:

* Maximize your existing single color press for extra profit.

* Use on any multiple color print unit for inline or perfector for two-sided printing.

* Coating is precisely distributed and film thickness controlled.

* Gear Driven rollers prevent slippage and guarantee a streak free smooth delivery of coating to the printed sheet.

* Coating is supplied thru the metering nip via a feed bottle.

* Provide extra protection during mailing and shipping of digital output jobs.

* Enhances special covers and brochure with a customized look and appearance.

* Add a high quality look to print jobs for a very low start up investment.

* Aqueous coating does not yellow with age.

* No dryer is necessary.

Note: If you are looking for an inexpensive aquaeous solution for coating, purchase a used GTO 46 or 52 and add a Kwik Koat!