Kompac Kwik Kure

Kompac Kwik Kure

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Kompac Kwik Kure is ‘not’ just another ‘me-to’ ink drier, Kwik Kure is a new proprietary non-skinning drying catalyst that causes ink to begin curing as soon as it leaves the blanket on the sheet.

Packaged in handy 8 oz dispensing syringes, add just 3 to 5% (does not dilute density) to ink on-press then mix ink with knife as ink ball turns, then Ink press and you’re set to print work-and-turns, short or long all day long.

If using Laser Imaged Polyester Plates, Kwik Kure hardens and protects plate’s fused image on longer runs, increasing plate’s use-life especially when printing larger solids.

If you’ve tryed Litho-Set, Hard-Dri, SpeedyDry, or any other popular drier, and want to improve through-put, save time and money, try Kompac Kwik Kure.

*You will use ‘less’

*Its affordable

*It works!