Kwik Kolor RYB-3302 Ink Fountain

Kwik Kolor RYB-3302 Ink Fountain

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Designed to fit AB Dick 9985, 9995, and 4995 model presses, Kompac’s Kwik Kolor lever operated ink fountain allows for kwik and precise ink settings for faster startups and reduction in paper waste.

It also reduces cleanup time between color changes with its removable side plates and disposable ink line.

Lever settings are fast and accurate for precise ink control to aid in printing butted solids and screens, avoiding ghosting or inconsistent densities.

Utilizing a plastic liner, the Kompac Kwik Kolor eliminates metal to metal contact to the fountain roller, preventing scoring which results in leaking or uneven ink distribution.

* “For about the same as it costs to replace a worn fountain roller”, many presses can be easily upgraded and you start taking advantage of the time and money savings from Kwik Kolor’s unique features.

Each Kwik Kolor includes a new hardened fountain roller to ensure complete accuracy of ink distribution.

* Lever controlled ink zones for faster makeready and reduction of paper waste. * Disposable ink liners for quicker cleanup and color changes.

* Numerical settings can be recorded for repeat jobs.

* Improved print quality with critial jobs.

* Easy to calibrate.

If you currently have a Kompac Dampner on your press, this new product will give you an additional time saving advantage over factory ink fountains.