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RYB32-ST-KM Kompac II dampener fits the Super-T S-1 Second Color Presses that fits the Ryobi 3200, 3200MCD, and Itek 975, 985 presses.

If there ever was a T-51 that needs Kompac dampening, its the S-1 Super T-51!

With 3 ink forms and on the fly image adjusting, the ability to run a softer ink tack is a necessity!

With Kompac dampening the S-1 T-51 prints with the same soft inks used on much larger presses, which reduces the ink film thickness on the blanket…With just the correct ink film thickness, there is no excess ink on the blanket to cause cross-color contamination, because the sheets takes all ink away with each impression.

When using softer ink inks, the S-1 rotates by hand much easier, and prints a smooth glossy solid on coated papers just like a bigger press.

And, like the powerful little Heidelberg 46-2, a Ryobi /S1 T-51 combination with Kompac dampening prints short-run process color like never possible before.

If you print for profit with an S-1 with factory dampening, you can earn more with Kompac Dampening!