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The RYB332-KM Kompac II dampener with kolormate oscillator is a ‘Two-Unit-Kit’ that fits the AB Dick 9985 two-color press.

Gauranteed Benefits of using Kompac;

* 50% less makeready waste. Be up to color within 5 sheets or less.

* Use lower tack inks for 20% increase in ink coverage and less ghosting.

* Hold color at higher production speeds.

If you use the AB Dick 9985 without Kompac dampening, you are wasting hundreds of dollars each week in un-neccessary paper set-up waste, non-productive time, and sub standard quality work.

Kompac dampening permits the use much softer big press inks that dry in half the time of higher-tack duplicator inks, allowing jobs to be backed up and the use of 50% less dry spray!

If you print for profit, you’ll make more per shift with Kompac dampening!