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The Kompac II Model RYB334 comes with Remote Recirculator Module for connection to either Kompac or other brand recirculators and designed to fit AB Dick 9995, 9995A, 4995, 4995A, and Ryobi 3302H, 3302HA, 3304H, 3304HA model presses.

Note: This is a One Unit Kit, order required number of units to compliment your press.

Add Kompac II Dampeners with Kolormate Oscillator to this press and you will eliminate the slow image roll-up and higher maintenance associated with operating bareback dampeners and you will have created a much faster (and more profitable) to set up, short-run color press.

With Kompac dampening you can use the softest of ink tacks which allows these presses to print at a higher level of print quality.

Kompac benefits enclude; * A 50 to 75% reduction in make ready waste!

* A 20% increase in ink coverage (very important with portrait feed presses) when printing large solids, screens, and borders.

* A 10 to 15% increase in overall productivity due to Kompacs’ fast start-up, reduced waste, and the ability to hold true color at higher production speeds.

If you print for profit, you’re losing money by not using Kompac dampening on your presses.