Ryobi / Itek Back Blower

Ryobi / Itek Back Blower

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The Ryobi / Itek Back Blowers offers two unique features to the feeder.

Two rear air blowers and two weighted second sheet stop fingers.

Back Blowers attach onto the center slide plate just over the paper backstop where two flexible blower tubes with on/off valves offer infinate blower placement at the rear edge of the pile.

Air introduced from the rear of the pile serves to lift and separate the rear edges of large and heavier weight stocks so that they feed at higher production speeds.

The two weighted second sheet stop fingers rest upon the top back edge of the pile.

As the lead edge of the top sheet lifts from the pile, the top sheet inches forward 3/16″ of an inch just before being forwarded into the press….It is at this moment when the top sheet is moved forward that the two weighted second sheet stop fingers rest upon the edge of the second sheet holding it in place as the top sheet feeds.

This feature eliminates second sheet creep, the primary cause of miss-feeds and doubles sheets.

With Back Blowers you get the benefits of improved sheet separation throughout the length of the sheets and stop fingers that holds the second sheets in place for optimum production speeds with all stocks….