Ryobi / Itek Old-Style Sucker Tubes

Ryobi / Itek Old-Style Sucker Tubes

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BigFoot Automatic Ryobi / Itek old-style Sucker Tubes are vacuum-powered sucker tubes that instantly extend when press vacuum is applied…..

Designed as screw-on replacements for the old-style (silver colored thin aluminum tubes) factory sucker tubes, BigFoot Sucker Tubes install at “every-other” sucker tube location…..

Then when vacuum is applied, they automatically extend downward 3/8″ of an inch beyond the fixed pick-up point of the factory tubes, and, upon contact with the sheet, BigFoot instantly retracts to the factory tube’s length where the factory sucker tubes attach to the sheet just before forwarding sheet into press forwarding rollers….

The benefit of using these unique sucker tubes is that the feed table height is now much less critical!….

Envelopes, NCR, Card, Book, Bond stocks all feed at a common table setting, you only need change your buckle, air and vacuum to accommodate the stock weight…..With BigFoot Automatic Extending Sucker Tubes envelopes will feed with much less hassle, and miss feeds and jam-ups will all but disappear….These Sucker Tubes are especially beneficial as they allow you to operate with the feed table 30% below the standard feeding height, which allows the front air blowers to work and separate the front edges of the pile more effectively before pickup…..

If you would like to really up grade the feeder of your older Ryobi or Itek press for increased production, add an AirRam and a set of BigFoot AUTOMATIC SUCKER TUBES. Note; It is ‘VERY’ Important that the press vacuum break/release valve be adjusted properly!

The vacuum break/release valve ‘must’ open to release vacuum on the sheet at the exact point where the sheet leadedge enters the forwarding rollers.

If the vacuum does not release, the extended suckers can contact the infeed rolls.

When feeding envelopes or narrow stock where bigfoot sucker do not contact sheets. Always use a ‘small’ piece of adhesive tape to seal sucker cup to prevent vacuum leaks and to prevent an ‘unused’ sucker from extending into forwarding rollers.!!