Ryobi / Itek Spot-On-Register System

Ryobi / Itek Spot-On-Register System

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The Ryobi / Itek Spot On Register System is a compact, easy to install, low cost feeder upgrade that turns the standard Ryobi and Itek direct feed press into an easy to operate, close register press….

This Feeding System provides secure side guides at ‘both’ sides of the pile with sliding support that ‘centers’ the side guides at the ‘center’ of the sides…

Non-operator sidelay is designed to allow the ‘front’ edge of the stock to ‘square’ to the press….

This feature assures that each sheet’s lead edge is square to the press before entering forwarding rollers….

Operator side guide provides stable mounting for the push springs, causing the springs to remain parallel to pile, providing uniform and balanced spring push pressure prior to feeding..

Both side guides attach to common shaft and move in concert with all adjustments of the micro-lateral side guide knob..

This feature provides accurrate ‘micro lateral’ adjustments and allows faster make-readies and is especially useful when registering envelopes…

NOTE: If you do not have Back Air Blowers on your press, the addition of our Back Blowers will compliment the performance of this system when feeding coated papers…

…Now you can handle close registration work with complete confidence with our Spot On Ryobi register System.