Ryobi Pinbar for Polyester Plates

Ryobi Pinbar for Polyester Plates

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This Special Pinbar is a Bolt-Up After Market Replacement Part developed by PressSavers some 10 years ago for use to hold punched polyester plates for register work.

It fits either Ryobi 3200 or Itek 975 direct feed presses with short-cylinders, and can be trimmed/cut down to fit the 2800/960 models too. That is the older models that ‘do not’ have the full bleed 17″ length image.

This pinbar has ‘oversize’ (Larger) attachment pins that produces a ‘press-fit/polygrip’ to a polyester plate with attachment holes cut by the standard pinbar punch.

This pinbar produces the absolute strongest grip on polyester plates possible!

Even stronger than ‘any’ plate clamp!

The significant grip strength is due to the increase in plate-gauge thickness that is produced by the effect of the press-fit.

When the larger (.005″ larger than plate holes) pinbar pins are pushed/forced thru the plate’s attachment holes, the hole diameters are forced to enlarge to accept the pins, causing the plate’s static thickness to become much thicker ‘around the attachment pins’.

This 50 to 75% increase in the plate thickness causes the plate’s attachment to the pinbar to become 200% stronger than the plate itself.

This is a fact, because a 50% incremental increase in polyester plate thickness increases the plate’s stretch/tear strength 100%!

If you have a Ryobi/Itek press that can use this pinbar, you will never find a better/stronger method of holding a punched polyester for register that this pinbar!

I guarantee it!

PS; We only have two of these pinbars available, so it is sold on a first come first served basis.