Ryobi/Itek Suckertube Spacers

Ryobi/Itek Suckertube Spacers

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Packaged 6 spacers per package, these Suckertube spacers fit between the top shoulder of every-other suckertube and the vacuum manifold tube of all Ryobi and Itek Direct-feed Presses with aluminum/silver colored sucker tubes.

Just .017″ thick (equal to 2 sheets of 20-lb bond), when installed at every-other suckertube, these spacers extend sucketube length to create a sutble ‘wave’ or ‘corragated’ effect in the leading edge of the sheets.

This added wave serves to enhance the sheets’ lead-edge strength offering added resistance to the pressure of sheet separators, allowing short-grain, and limp stocks to separate and feed into the forwarding rollers at higher production speeds.

The lead-edge effect created by these spacers also improves sheet separation from the pile, allowing the vacuum that exists between the second sheets to break-a-way from the uneven bottom surface of the top sheet for reduced double feeds at high speed.