Second Sheet Stops

Second Sheet Stops

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AB Dick Second Sheet Stop Fingers attach onto center slide plate over paper back stop causing two weighted second sheet stop fingers to rest on the tail edge of the pile…..

As the top sheet is lifted from the pile by press suckers, the sheet moves forward 3/16″ of and inch before being forwarding into press…..

At this point, the weighted stop fingers press down on second sheet holding it in place as top sheet forwards into the press…

..When not is use ( when printing envelopes) assembly attaches out of the way onto press side panel via strong neodynium magnetic knob..

This device allows increased press speeds of 15 to 20% with troublesome stocks….

If you want to really super-charge you AB Dicks’ Feeding system to run without misshap, install a set of Bigfoot sucker tubes and this second sheet stop.