SpeedyDry Ink Drier

SpeedyDry Ink Drier

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Although the manufacturer won’t let me sell it (not because I didn’t try), SpeedyDry is the most effective and forgiving ink drier that I know of.

With most other ink driers, the makers recommended adding 3 to 5 to 8 percent by volume to ink, but if you add a bit too much, its effect can actually ‘retard’ drying and cause the ink to dry on your ink rollers.

With SpeedyDry 10% per ink volume works great and 20% and even more works even better if needed.

With SpeedyDry you can back-up jobs immediately after printing first side with basic book/bond stocks without offsetting, and you can even print on synthetics without buying special inks.

Something that I observed first hand was when using Laser Plates the ink on the image sets on the image on longer runs to where it seems to actually strengthen the image as it runs, especially with fine detail.

SpeedyDry is available online from the source at www.SpeedyDry.com

….Tell them Roger from PressSavers sent you. 🙂

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