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The model TK47-KM Kompac II with Kolormate Oscillator Roll fits the Multilith model 1218 presses from Serial Number 987282 and below, as well as Toko Models 1800, 4700, and 4750 with Plastic Safety Covers.

The addition of the Kompac II with Kolormate to the second color head allows them to use big press ink formulas, and adds new life and capabilities to these fine little presses.

The thinner ink films possible with Kompac dampening allows the second color down on the common blanket to release without pulling the ink film from the first color. With Kompac dampening on your second color head, you can lay down just the right film of ink to print the image ‘without’ over-inking, the primary cause of cross-color ink contamination. Now you can print short-run process color on a common blanket press just like the QuickMaster 46-2!

Kompac dampening reduces set-up stock waste by 50% or more, increases inking capacity by 20%, allows higher press speeds, low tack inks produce less sheet curl.

Kompac dampening turns these fine little presses into high quality printing presses that for their sheet size can print quality more like that normally expected from a much larger and more expensive press.

If you print for profit, you’ll make 10% more profit per press per year with Kompacs on your presses!